Rejuvenated, Jusuru and Retirement Marketing!!

So this blog is going to be open and honest and show you the pain and the gain.

A number of years ago we retired “comfortably” and we were living the dream. Everything was taken care of. We live on the lake, so our home was our summer vacation. January/February we traveled somewhere warm for several weeks at a time. Bills were all taken care of, added expenses were easily handled and life was good. Most people envied us. We weren’t rich by any means but comfortable. Then it HIT!!! The recession and little did we know… Pensions are NOT recession proof.  We were SLAMMED, SLICED AND DICED. Our comfortable lifestyle was no more. We had JUST enough to pay our bills if we cut back drastically. Does this sound familiar to you? Are you there now?  If you are, we know your pain. Yes, it is an actual physical pain, filled with anxiety and many sleepless nights. We spent hours and hours pouring over, redoing and sending out resumes, hunting the job banks, board, agencies etc. I started to blog and work consulting with a number of companies but the money was just not enough. Then we hit Network Marketing and soon thereafter Jusuru. Through a business acquaintance we were introduced to an incredibly accomplished business man,  speaker, author, leader,  and now our friend and mentor. I did my due diligence, making sure this was a solid company and could offer me sound products, compensation, training, support and most of all honesty and integrity. Within the first 2 weeks of starting to market the opportunity I started making money. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. This has turned not only into Network Marketing business for me but a Passion for Retirement Marketing. I show people that life after retirement does not have to be anxiety stricken about bills and money, or whether there is enough money left over for food that month. Yes, for a lot of retirees it is that bad.  I teach those that are thinking about retiring how to have a rewarding and fun change in life and not be afraid of heading into retirement because there IS an income stream available to them. Retirement Marketing is about finding your Passion again and Living Your Best Life in Abundance. If you would like to know more or have me show you how to make the change or even if you are ready to go for it today…  Send me a short email answering these questions at sc.consulting@yahoo.com. Please include a phone number and time of day you would like me to call you. 1)      How much income do you want to generate? A few extra dollars? Enough for a mortgage payment? or Completely replace your current income? 2)      How much time are you willing to invest in You? 3)      Are you Open to the opportunity?


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  2. interesting. thanks for sharing.

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    this is perfect, i am looking to do something similar very soon and this article makes perfect sense.

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